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Il Palombaro


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with Alessandro Vallin

project and costume Marco Preatoni


The Palombaro (diver) is not only a man in the middle of the ocean surrounded by living creatures. He is much more then that.....he is a puppet for the silent theatre of the fishes, he is a deep acrobat, he is a pneumatic man.

From all of these images Alessando Vallin started to create this surreal character that moves around man as if they were shells, sea stars, corals or seahorses.

The diver is a character out of the world because he moves on the earth surrounded by air instead of moving by the ocean.

That is the reason he produces bubbles, he shoots water,  tries to fish with his net strange human beings that move around him, he goes around with a map in his hands to try and find the way back to his natural element, the water.


cit from Corrado Govoni

photo: Lilithphoto

shotting, editing and color: Paolo Marelli


about me

Alessandro Vallin starts his artistic career as a street performer in 1994 with the duo "Mirko & pallino", in the same year he opens the first juggling gym at the Cascina Torchiera in Milano. After participating as a juggler at the live dates of the italian singer Ligabue, he explores the music scenes with the "Saltimpunk" in a rock circus show. 

He cooperates with several street theatre groups, he acts in "Lo show stragicomico" of the theatre company Dionisi. He graduated at the Arsenale in Milan a theatre school with Lecoq method. Afterwards he feels the need to grow in the art of comedy with Antonio Fava, in the art of dancing with Michela Lucenti, in the art of juggling with Sean Gandini e in the art of clownerie, with Rita Pelusio, Ted Kaiser, Jos Houben, Leo Bassi and Philip Gaullier.

At present he is collaborating in a duo of clownerie comedy "Freakclown"

After participating at the show " Allavita!" of Cirque du Soleil for the Expo 2015 in Milan, he creates with Stefano Locati and Claudio Cremonesi the "3Chefs trio comedy clown", his new project of circus and theatre.

Alongaside with all his performances he teaches the circus art and clownerie art in several classes for kids and adults.


a picture of Jack Artiglio before diving


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